Active 8 Campaign

Guest Speaker: PP John introduced Sabrina Andrews who is no stranger to Kiwanis. Sabrina is a Grade 12 student at EVH. Recently she was chosen to be an ambassador for Global Citizenship through the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation – Active 8 Campaign – a campaign that recognizes two youth from each Atlantic province who are active members of society. Sabrina spoke about how she was recruited to this campaign and what it is; inspiring people to do things to make a difference in society/the world. She distributed a pamphlet with a list of ideas for people to consider in making a change and if they do, to email her to let them know she has made the pledge. The youth with the highest number of pledges receives a financial award. Sabrina also extended an invitation to Kiwanians to join her on February 17 in the basement of the Salvation Army Church on Circular Road at 6:30 for a café worship. She was thanked by PP Don Hodder.