Music Festival: Kiwanian Gary Brinston thanked the members of the Kiwanis Club and especially the MUSICAL FESTIVALS COMMITTEE for all of their hard work throughout the year. He introduced and thanked this year’s sponsors who were also in attendance: Dr. Jeff Cole – official patron,
Peter Robbins with Nalcor Energy, Mayor AL Hawkins with the town of GF-W, and Evan Careen with the Advertiser. He also thanked Peggy Hamilton from the Mt. Peyton Hotel who was unable to attend the meeting. Dr. John Trend is the honorary patron of this year’s Festival – with some 27 years of service to the festival.
Festival starts Sunday. Family night will be Wednesday night and tickets are only available from the Gordon Pinsent Centre for the Arts beginning Sunday. Highlights concerts will be Friday and Saturday; tickets are available at the Centre. The Rose Bowl is on Friday afternoon at 2:30 pm.
This year there is a new award – the Cole Award for the most outstanding performance of the festival – sponsored by our patron Dr. Jeff Cole. Also Dr. Tom and Mary Poole will be sponsoring the 6 Adjudicator Awards for the most promising future musical development. They are also sponsoring the Dr. Tom and Mary Poole Award for individuals recommended to participate in the provincial festival. The Thomas Pitcher Award for the best performance in Music Theatre has been resurrected by the family in memory of Tom and his long standing support of the Festival.
Gary also acknowledged the work of Artie Daye with the Festival. Artie almost single-handedly (with some help from other Kiwanians) has raised ~ $15,000 annually for the program. Thanks also to Mary and Frank Keats who are working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.